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What is this mysterious sheet, considered by many to be a relic of Jesus Christ?

What does contemporary science say about it?

Why does it reach our hearts so intensely?


The Shroud is a linen sheet on which the figure of a tortured and crucified man is printed. The print exhibits the unique characteristics of a photographic negative.

Copia de negativo.jpg

The Permanent Exhibition on the Shroud of the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum offers a unique panorama on the subject:


  • Reproduction in natural dimensions of the Shroud.

  • Educational historical tour from its beginning to the present day.

  • Presentation of the scientific debate on authenticity, characteristics, 

    in the light of research carried out in recent years.

  • Bronze statue of the Man of the Shroud, the work of the sculptor Luigi E. Mattei.

  • The holograms of the Man of the Shroud made by Dr. Petrus Soons.

  • Study of the Passion of Christ in the light of the Shroud.

  • Reconstruction of some of the objects of the passion: the nails, the crown of thorns and the scourges.

  •  Reproduction to scale of the Holy Sepulcher in the times of Jesus.

  • Multimedia presentation on the Shroud.

The exhibition represents an important opportunity to continue the dialogue between science and faith. It is addressed to all those who feel the spiritual call of the Shroud and wish to deepen its value, its authenticity, its meaning and its message.

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